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How to Make a Flyer

Flyers are a great way to advertise an event, to spread a message, and to draw attention to a cause. Making a great flyer needn’t be difficult - just follow these steps!

Step 01

Pick a programme to make your flyer. There’s lots of choice (and many are free) - you could use Canva, Word or PowerPoint, Google Slides or even Microsoft Paint! Some will have built in templates, but with others you’ll need to start from a blank sheet of paper!

Step 02

Decide who your target audience is - you’ll want your flyer to really appeal to this group, so create it specifically for them.

Step 03

Design it! Really good flyers have a few things in common. They’ve got:

  1. A clear title or headline, which makes it immediately obvious what the flyer is about.

  2. An easy-to-understand message, with all of the relevant information (e.g., date, time, location), in simple language, but without too much text.

  3. Good design - eye-catching images (clear, in focus and not pixelated) and plenty of white (blank) space.

  4. A clear call to action - what do you want people to do when they’ve read your flyer? Turn up? Sign up? Make it clear!

Step 04

Get it printed! Again there are lots of options here - online (e.g., Vistaprint), your local print shop or library (support local!) or even your own colour printer!

Step 05

Decide how to distribute it. Think about your target audience again - where do they go, where will they be? Handing out leaflets at rush hour or at sports and music events can work well, as can posting them door to door. And don't underestimate leaving a pile at a friendly shop, cafe or community centre.


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